Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

It's at this time that I like to think back at this very same time a year ago and think about what the new year would bring. In this case 2011 held:

I would reunite with an old acquaintance and mentor them in how to draw.
I would get the opportunity to teach animation at the high-school level.
I would later get the opportunity to teach animation at CalArts.
I would gather people together, conceive and animate an animated Steampunk project that would get everybody excited.
I would get a chance to develop concepts for a theme-park style project.
I would make a Temple of Doom within 2 weeks.
My youngest child would start Kindergarten.
I would help my oldest child take part in her first science fair.
I held a job the whole year and everyone was healthy and fine.

...2011 was a very good year for us. I hope it was for you and I hope 2012 holds goodwill and exciting times for all of us!


Carrie said...

Glad 2011 was good for you :) Congrats on all of those awesome achievements! Here's to 2012 being just as good... maybe even better :)

Aquayne said...

You have channeled the spirit of Mark Davis your props seem to have history and a story even when static. There is an atmosphere without abandoning the kid friendly nature of the work.

Aquayne said...

I hope you can share some ideas with yard haunters like me. I have one idea of a ghoul fishing from the roof with a huge oversized hook with what looks like brightly colored candy as bait. Think Ezra on a "fishing" trip.
A cauldron with a huge spoon handle sticking out with a hand from inside the pot stirring it while a pair of cartoon eyes that rise up and down from the soup to look at the passers bye. A worn copy of "To Serve Man" on the mantle above the cauldron (nod to twilight zone, I think).
A pieced together Frankenstein type monster with a pair of jumper cables in his hands. When he touches them together they spark and he lights up from the inside of his body, air blows his hair up from this scalp like a static electric generator.( the hair would be hollow tubes and head hollow).
I want to tell a joke or story without words.

Iza Batista (aka Heather O. Adams) said...

I am a tremendous Haunted Mansion fan (albeit from Disney World - I live in SC and its a wee bit closer than Calif). I was actually looking to see if anyone made the wall paper (the Paul Frees/purple w/ eyes) and found your blog site. I'm astonished by your office. I adore your stantion bats! Do you know any place to find such things? I am a great embroiderer, but have never been able to sculpt. Alas.

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