When I'm with certain friends, we sometimes see bad drawing on flyers or painted in store-front windows and we joke with one another by saying, "Somebody's been doing some freelance again?"


Probably my favorite Disney character of all time is Ludwig Von Drake! I always wanted a chance to get to animate him and fiinally I did! It was for promotion for the Walt Disney World Resort in 3D.

A while back, My friend Bert was approached to do produce a short scene with Ludwig. The only catch was we had to have a finsihed scene in color within 3 weeks! Bert is quite an amazing producer and animation director. He's knows how to get the job done through knowing who to get, coordination & scheduling. He figured the best way to get this done was to layout the entire scene with poses, get the poses approved, then split the scene up between 3 animators (sounds crazy, huh?). He also figured out good spots for which to make the switch (usually between broad actions).

My friend Sandro Cleuzo did the first third of the animation, Bert did the middle part "...brilliant things..." and I laid out the entire scene and animated the last part where he points at the camera and pulls the screen down.

Anyways, here's how it turned out:

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Michael Swofford Paintings said...

I also especially like Von Drake because he is informative and I loved science as a kid. You've done a good job of capturing Drake's gestures. Who did most of the early 1960s animation on the character, Frank Thomas?