Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Steampunk girl

Circus Sideshow project

One thing I take pride in is being able to work in different styles. Sometimes I'll take the same image or pose and see if I can apply a different style to it. In this case, on the left, I was going for a comic book/Will Eisner-style and on the right, I was going for an Earl Oliver Hurst style:

Sorry, but I'm particularly proud of this one, especially around the face in trying for a Hurst-like expression.

Miniature Golf Course at night

There are several romantic places in the world... camping under the stars, looking over the city lights on Mulholland Drive, Niagara Falls...and a miniature gold course at night!

Here are some visual development pieces I did for a teen-angst animated musical set in the 80's that takes place at a mini-golf amusement center.

Tinkerbell Fairy Playhouse

Here is a compilation of design sketches for a playhouse for my kids.