Wednesday, December 02, 2009

New stuff for Halloween 2009!

First, I made the local paper! Click here to read the article.

I made candleabras inspired by the elevator gargoyles in the Haunted Mansion for last year but this year I faux painted them and bought new battery operated candles that ran off of AAA batteries rather than the hard to find cel batteries.

This year I got one of my characters stolen! It was the old man with the earphone. I had it out on the yard one night and in the middle of the night someone took it but left behind a few pieces. I guess this'll learn me to tie my stuff down.

I filed a police report (mostly for the story). The police came and asked for a description of the stolen item. I said,"He was about 5/7"...long white beard...wearing a white sheet..." and we both laughed at how silly the situation had gotten. It sounded more like a kidnapping!

So I had to come up with a replacement quick so I had this tea pot thing Ii had sitting around that I always intended to make as part of my display well...I finally used it! My daughters wanted to help with HAlloween this year so i let them paint the metal rebar holding up the teapot and cup so you couldn't see it.

BTW-the water is tin foil twisted up and covered with plastic wrap.