Saturday, October 31, 2009

Haunted House Walk-through in Burbank

If you we're in the Burbank area and were lucky enough to find out about this walk- through haunted house...

Then you were in for a real treat! These people go all-out every year and the donations they get go towards a good cause!

They asked me to help design the exterior and some of the rooms in their haunt based upon Burbank city hall and teh AMC theater:

This is how it turned out:

It was so cool! You enetered a lobby area and a host would usher you into an elevator. The elevator would shake and wiggle and when the door re-opened, you were in a different part of the haunted house! (You couldn't tell you were actuall moving about 6 feet sideways--it was amazing! All on a small house lot font lawn in Burbank!

They also wanted an underground basement/tunnel section. They gave me reference photos and I put togetehr a sheet liek this for them:

I found this reference photo and used it as teh inspiration for the cryogenic chamber that Walt's Head would bee frozen in.

Funny thing is, the couple that helped put this on were getting married just a month prior to Halloween. They said they weren't able to do a whole lot this year. Man, this is what they do when they DON'T have time?!

I can't wait to see what they do next year!

Congratulations Jason and Melissa!