Saturday, December 11, 2010


Well, my friends at at it again!

They've set up a walk-through Christmas display based on Tim Burton's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'.

One Staurday morning (about 2 weeks before Christmas) I get an "emergency" email form my friend Jason asking if I can help put up their display. It turns out that their neighbor, who is like a "Mrs. Kravitz" from 'Bewitched' called the city on them (as she does EVERY year). Originally, they had approval in the form of a permit from the fire marshal, the mayor and the neighbors to leave up their museum haunt through the holidays to double as their Nightmare Before Christmas display but because of a complicated set of politics between city officials and the fire marshall, the fire marshall made them take the whole thing down and start over. So, I helped them put up walls.

Here is the exterior. It would have been twice as large but since they had to start over, they only would have tome to put up half of it. It would have been an incredible display but still, impressive none-the-less!

This is the exterior meant to be the town hall from Halloween town:

Here's the detail above the door:

You would enter Halloween town and be greeted pumpkins singing "This Is Halloween":

Then you'd see the Pumpkin King:

You'd also see Jack's plans for Christmas:

Then, you'd enter a hallway with presents and a pop-up jack-o-lantern...

...leading to "Making Christmas"

(on the right, you can see one of the "Cast Members" dressed as the "clown with the tear-away face" holding a present. The present was on a...what do you call those things... that would extend out at you.)

The attraction would not be complete with "oogie Boogie"!

Here's me and my friend Jason along with good 'ol St. Nick:

A few blocks away, there were some other incredible Christmas/light displays:

(I like the "Ditto" on the neighbors roof.)


Leo said...

Hey James just checked out your entire blog. Truly impressive!I'm amazed at your amount of talent. I think I'm gonna check out this walk through. Hope everything is well.


knittychick said...

I love all the Haunted Mansion stuff you did, including the stuff at Christmas time. My friend Alexz also did a Haunted Mansion/Halloween Christmas at her house... She and her dad made a HUGE Jack Skellington sculpture together, as well as Zero, and hung them from her roof. I would love it if you could check it out.

Her dream is to work for Disney some day, and while her dream was recently postponed, I know that she has a lot of potential and she will be back.

Your stuff is great, and insperational, keep it up! THanks for being you!