Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

I volunteer at my daughter's elementary school by joining the school's Foundation. I served as president of the Foundation for the past three years. Last year, we held our first annual Pumpkin Patch at the school. We sold 200 pumpkins. We also had a Bubble-Fogger machine which was a big hit. The Kindergarten kids were chanting from behind the chain link fence as we were setting up, 'HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN!!!"

This year, we're doing it again!

You're welcome to come on by and support R.D. White Elementary school at 744 E. Doran Street in Glendale.

Here are the flyers that I made for the event(s):

2009 Pumpkin Patch flyer

Here's last year's sign that I painted (the kids helped, too):

After the event, I kept it outside in my backyard and it rained. I didn't want to go through the trouble this year to make a new one so I decided to have a 3' x 8' banner made that'll look something like this:

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Anonymous said...

I love these flyers. They remind me of the school fall festivals from when I was a kid. What font did you use for the Pumpkin Patch logo? It's very eye-catching.