Sunday, April 11, 2010


Here is the animation I did on the "Tap Dance Kid" and "Dr. Facilier (a.k.a. the Shadowman)" from 'Disney's The Princess and the Frog'.

Princess and the Frog-James Lopez from James Lopez on Vimeo.

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angie said...

Hey James
WHy can't I see the video? Vimeo won't allow viewing!

Rose said...

oh no :( Vimeo says it's private- hope you can find what's wrong; I'd love to see it.

James Lopez said...

Sorry 'bout that. I had the settings on Vimeo set to private. I made the change and re-posted. Should work now.

Brian said...

What a great villain. Some excellent work.

Jennifer said...

some of your best work

michaelamos said...

Hey James,

Your work on Princess and the Frog is fantastic! I just go the film on DVD/Blu-ray and it is awesome to watch the film again.

We meet at the screening Disney had at the studio late last year and you were set up drawing the character afterwards where we spoke for a little while (I was the guy who ran a studio in Australia).

Love your blog and hope I can be in LA sometime during halloween because your house looks fantastic!

Speak soon!