Wednesday, December 02, 2009

New stuff for Halloween 2009!

First, I made the local paper! Click here to read the article.

I made candleabras inspired by the elevator gargoyles in the Haunted Mansion for last year but this year I faux painted them and bought new battery operated candles that ran off of AAA batteries rather than the hard to find cel batteries.

This year I got one of my characters stolen! It was the old man with the earphone. I had it out on the yard one night and in the middle of the night someone took it but left behind a few pieces. I guess this'll learn me to tie my stuff down.

I filed a police report (mostly for the story). The police came and asked for a description of the stolen item. I said,"He was about 5/7"...long white beard...wearing a white sheet..." and we both laughed at how silly the situation had gotten. It sounded more like a kidnapping!

So I had to come up with a replacement quick so I had this tea pot thing Ii had sitting around that I always intended to make as part of my display well...I finally used it! My daughters wanted to help with HAlloween this year so i let them paint the metal rebar holding up the teapot and cup so you couldn't see it.

BTW-the water is tin foil twisted up and covered with plastic wrap.


Rose said...

hey, sorry that it's off-subject! found your blog a while ago from your America Sings Project and remembered that your profile said you worked on Dr. Facilier!
Adored the film and Facilier himself in it, wonderful job really, and congrats!

HenriekeG said...

Those are some amazing Halloween decorations! Makes me wish we celebrate it here, it's slowly growing though. Maybe in a few years...

However, I'd like to ask you some animation-related questions. I don't know if you have any time, but if I could shoot you an email that'd be great. My email address is henriekeg at hotmail dot com in case you don't want to put your contact info online. Thanks a lot in advance, I admire your work!

Mr.Macabre said...

I've been following your blog for a couple of years and wanted to say that you have one of the most amazing haunts! You catch the essence of the Haunted Mansion in your display perfectly!

Rob said...

Hi James,
Love your halloween display. I'm also an animator (3D),
and also love the Haunted Mansion. Have a look at my new HM inspired website.

trickortreat said...

Hey James, there is a self-pouring cup of coffee for only $19.98
at Thought of you when I saw it.