Monday, December 18, 2006

Halloween 2006

I got back pictures from Halloween, 2006. I took them with a film camera using a long exposure and slow shutter speed.

...and here's to my inspiration, Blaine Gibson.

The old man's head I made from aluminum foil and Sculpey. Over time, he fell and cracked, etc. I had to do some last minute touch-up with plaster wrap/bandages and Das Pronto modeling clay. The hair was actually cut from a cat costume.

The gravedigger-same thing as the Old Man with the earphone (but I took better care of it-although the Sculpey is starting to crack.)

This is a mini-graveyard I put together on the patio near the front door. It needs work. One day, I have in mind to make an animated Halloween short film and project it on the wall of my neighbors house (above the fountain). We'll see.

You know, I had this thing stored in my office closet just before putting it out for Halloween and I swear whenever I went to opened the closet door I would see this bride just standing there and it would creep me out, seriously! Go figure. After Halloween, I couldn't stand the thought of this thing still sitting there, so I removed the clothing and kept it in a box. Now it's not sacry anymore. When I was a kid, we would visit my aunt and uncle in El Paso and they had a suit of armor at the top of their stairs. I was so scared of it, I wouldn't go up there! I was always afraid that it would move like the one in the hallway of the Disneyland attraction where they would hire a cast member to dress up in the suit of armor and jump out at you during the ride.

I used to have a jar labeled "Sulfuric Acid" sitting next to the cat-hinting that he replaced the water in the birdbath with the contents and the bird was in mid-shower pose before it discovered that it was too late! Usually I have an atomizer or dry ice in the birdbath to create a boiling/fog effect. But at the time I took this picture, I didn't have anything handy.


Josh said...

Thought you might like to see my Mansion-inspired halloween display. It's not as big as yours, but these things take time to grow, right?

I put some singing pumpkins up on the porch, singing "Grim, Grinning Ghosts" - kinda blending both the standard and NBC Mansions.

(You'll have to excuse the video quality, since I shot it using my webcam.)

Kirsten said...

This is so great! Please keep posting!

willipino said...

i wish i lived in your neighborhood so i could see this first hand.

HauntedPortraits said...

Hey there, amazing stuff. I'm sure you've already seen my HM blueprints at but if not check them out.


Carrie said...

That is just so amazing... I can't wait to see what you do next year :) I'm going to drive around Glendale until I find you! ;)

If you get a sec, take a look at a pic I took of Main Street at Disneyland... an odd pair of shoes and a streak showed up... a "real" ghost perhaps? :) I think it's a harried cast member in a hurry (my shutter was open for at least a full second)... but, you never know! :)

Disneyland Ghost Pic?

Davelandweb said...

Just amazing. The detail and what you have accomplished is truly cool - DEFINITELY an E-Ticket House!

Kurt A. Tasche said...

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Soozcat said...

Man, I wish I had an E-ticket house.

samacleod said...

I looked through all of your posts! Fantastic work! Really inspiring. Jeremy Bernstein emailed me about it. I love that photo of your animation desk with that wallpaper and decorations. So cool!!!

derek said...

I know we're still a few months away, but do you advertise that you do this? how would someone locate your place to come see it in all its gory goodness at Halloween?

Grim-GrinNing-Gippos said...

WOW! very cool

Benjamin Hall said...

Very cool!!!!

Your stuff is amazing! Thanks for sharing!